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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I may have figured out the meaning of a chapter of blog life

It appears I need to make a separate blog to list my items plus a separate acct to put my pictures in, if I'm right don't respond I will take that as a yes.
Plus I'm totally bummed I did the cutest cross stitch valentine featuring Snoopy for a secret pal exchange and I was going to take a picture and post it on my blog. Guess what I sealed the pkg and forgot to take the picture so I want everyone to make a psychic connection with me and I will send you the picture
But I did remember to take a picture of my Grandson Matthew's card before I sealed it up.
The Cars is from one
of those mini JanLynn kits and I tied it to the card with ribbon so his mom can take it off and hang it if she wishes.
I thought I would tell a story of another of our dogs. 
Chacha and the rooster

I need to explain with a little background, Chacha weighs a whopping 3-4 pounds, she is prissy, bossy and manipulative. She begs at the drop of a hat and has quite a following.
This is the rooster,about 6 pounds of stupidity and mean  with two inch spurs.
So in the morning about a week ago Chacha was begging for her quota of cat food.  My Chihuahuas love cat food and so do the roosters. I had walked off and needless to say Chacha has not returned to the area again. Reminds me of the time my daughters were allegedly spurred and made their dad go out and kill the rooster. Chacha would like to know how come those girls ranked higher in rooster revenge than her.

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