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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 1

How to start? Never done this before. I'm taking a class in my mind and I want to sound more interesting than I am. Perhaps I should tell alittle about myself, my name is Melinda Gore and I'm 57. I am the mother of 5, though only 4 are living. I am married to a retired crane operator and I live near Las Vegas. Wow I got lost for a minute. I hit preview to see how the picture would look and I couldn't find my way back, I didn't realize it opened up a new window. Anyway this is a friend of mine, the one I can tell all those important secrets to, my dog Rocky. He has been with me for over ten years. He is a chihuahua though you would never believe it, weighs in at over 10 lbs. Problem is his bite is worse than his bark and once he had to go to doggy jail. I had just moved here and some man opened our gate and wandered in and Rocky nipped him on the ankle. In Nevada they have zero tolerance and he had to go to jail for 10 days. The experience was over whelming to him as his cell mates were pit bulls. Needless to say we now have pad locks on all our gates, so no more wandering strangers.  I'm already planning my next post and picture.
Postscript-I have actually lost my mind I'm 56 not 57, I know what happened I'm 57 in squirrel years,56 in human years. I definitely was squirrely when I wrote that.

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