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Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 6 Tina and Evil Women

Perhaps its ironic that I would give my review of the book The Most Evil Women on a day when I introduce a very misunderstood friend, Tina, she is a victim not a perpetrator, she is the result of heredity and upbringing. Today her story begins:Tina-first 6 months of life-pt. uno
Her mother's name is Consuelo Pepperina Isabella Chiflada, she is a long haired Chihuahua, who is a model/actress. She never met her father, she was told he was a smooth talking Latino Chihuahua, who worked as an extra on Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Her mother wasn't the smartest model/actress and didn't realize she was pregnant. One afternoon she thought she needed to go outside and she delivered triplets, Anna Maria, Maria Anna (mother had limited imagination) and Cenicienta.  The two older sisters were like their mother, beautiful, long haired Chihuahuas. Unfortunately Cenicienta resembled her father and a long forgotten relative Coco Coyote.
The Anna Marias grew and became as beautiful and smart as their mother. Cenicienta grew and grew and grew.Consuelo needed new brushes to comb all their long hair, but that cost money.Consuelo got a job for Cenicienta as a floor cleaner. She worked for a young family with a very messy baby named Tristan.  Cenicienta was great at her job-her front teeth were positioned so that she could pick up even the smallest piece of cereal. She learned early on to dodge the small boy's tail pulling fingers. She worked a 12 hour shift and then she would return home to take care of her mother and sisters.
In the evenings with her long ft legs she would comb her sisters' hair and with her hind legs she would comb her mother's hair. Often her mother's sister would come by and Cenicienta would brush her Aunt Pipi's hair using her mouth to hold the brush. And with her tail she would stir the stew for dinner- her specialty is Monkey Breath Stew.As Cenicienta would comb their hair, they would watch their favorite tv shows-Desperate Housedogs- about 4 crazy stupid female dogs (fedogs) and their search for love on all the wrong trees. And Housedog MD about a mad dog house dog Irish Setter who has injured his hind leg landing wrong while catching a frisbee, addicted to milkbones and wanders around an animal hospital with his cohorts telling injured cats to go to the light.
So now I begin my review of The Most Evil Women. The book would have been better if the author had introduced the concept of evil and what he determines an evil deed to be. Several of these women ruled countries almost one thousand years ago and they murdered to stay in power, while others murdered because they were mentally ill whether with sexual deprivation or Munchhausen syndrome or anger or greed. Some of the stories go into too much detail of their crimes, more than I care to know. Would I recommend this book I guess to someone who likes crime stories.

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