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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 12 My vegas adventure

Off we went this morning to get my husband's computer fixed, it was bought in vegas thus with the warranty it had to be fixed in vegas. Apparently my husband forgot the Obama was going to be in vegas today. On the radio they said he had stayed in Summerlin and the 215 was blocked.   Not to worry husband says Summerlin is way south near Hoover Dam, not where we are going. We had a coupon that was for a free rooty tooty at IHOP and it was in SUMMERLIN. First off Summerlin isn't close to the Hoover Dam.
After breakfast he tries to get on the 215
and guess what, so he decides to sit behind the cop and he starts saying when is he going to move that car. Fortunately he opened the hiway within a few minutes.
There were cops everywhere very impressive, I'm glad I didn't have to try to get to work thru all that mess.
The very funny thing is that his computer wasn't broken he had turned off the internet one evening while he was dusting and didn't know how to turn it back on. I never seem to have that problem, lucky I guess.
My daughter says my blog is boring, it definitely could have been more exciting and frightening today, I'm glad it was somewhat dull.
 We saw Nicki briefly at work.
Lucky went with us.

So did Chacha.

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