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Sunday, January 22, 2012

wolves and the fairy

I thought neither of my daughters has seen the wolf painting their dad bought for the living room. He has decided which one of you will inherit this from him. He wants to cut holes in the eyes and put in lcd lights so you can see their eyes at night-and no I'm not kidding. At this point he has left the painting alone.
Matthew is doing better and that makes me feel better I have gotten farther on his mother's fairy picture-finished the flower and am now working on her hair and dress.
I published some pictures last night of my husband which one do you think is the real husband;\.

I know are they the same, too many similarities. The real husband is very down today as his computer won't let him on the internet, he is just slightly addicted. He has also decided he can no longer walk on the treadmill as it's much too dangerous. He is afraid he will pass out and fall getting caught between the treadmill and the bookcase and be unable to reach the plug and you can't count on me to unplug it as I have been known to have homicidal tendencies. I'd be afraid I would grab a camera and take pictures so all could see the sight. I did suggest he could walk around the block for exercise.
Matthew is better and we are all relieved.

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