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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day5-Tito, news and another UFO

Today I thought I would introduce one of my positive psychic connections.
His name is Miguel Tito Garcia, he prefers to be known as Tito.  Tito was dumped by his previous owner and his ribs feel as though he has seen some bad times, and he has the nerves of a dog who has been through his own hell.  He always is looking behind his back and when he goes outside he watches your feet.
When we got him they told us his name was Mr. Garcia, and he would cry with real tears.  I eventually was able to make a psychic connection with him, and I found out the true story. He told me his real name and that he was born in Juarez, Mexico to a poor peasant chihuahua family. His real father was a traveling salesman from the US who was part dachshund.  Tito dreamed every night about escaping to the  US and reuniting with his father. He sold prechewed bones in the Juarez market and brought all the money home  to his 15 brothers and 12 sisters. At one point his brother Pepe took over the prechewed business and Tito could follow his dream. Tito told everyone goodbye and jumped in the back of a truck bringing watermelons across the border. The roads were bad and the watermelons landed hard on poor Tito cracking his ribs
He eventually was gingerly taken out of the truck  and found himself in Los Angeles. He heard that his father was doing work in the movies. He landed a bit part in Beverly Hills Chihuahua as one of the chihuahua army, 3rd from the left. He became a favorite and the lead taught him to cry on demand, as this would help his career.
Tito met his father on the stage set of Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 and found out that his father had been trying for years to find Tito. Tito's dad loved a good cigar, fast horses and salsa dancing, he had somewhat frightening friends. Apparently that is a Latin dog mob they are called locos lobos. They tried to initiate Tito into their group, Tito saw some horrible things done by this group. Tito being a good dog turned informant to DBI- the Dog Bureau of Investigation. He was put into the witness protection program and relocated to Pahrump where we found him. I swear this is what he told me at least I like this story much more than the one that actually might have occurred.
One of my new year resolutions this year was to limit my exposure to the news. I would watch every morning and 9 times out of 10 something would upset me to the point of tears. There is nothing I can do about it and with life so short I thought I would like to spend my day in happy thoughts.
Another UFO
This one is called Welcome to the Funny Farm I think it fits and hopefully if I dedicate one night a week to it I can get it done soon. Check in next Thursday for my progress.

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  1. I like that story much better as well :) nicely written, it made me laugh, and it made me cry. Your words excite me.